Again, I don't need help on using my system, but thank you for your cooperation in not pestering me with it endlessly ok?

Ralf Mardorf schreef op 12-10-2016 20:09:

FWIW if a developer has got a user question or does notice a bug, even a
developer is well-advised to use the appropriate forum.

How do you expect the bugs and missing features to be fixed, resp. added,
if you don't report it? If you notice it, it's up to you, to report it.

Can you please come out of your psychosis now?

You have nothing better to do than to pester people with sending them to the appropriate forums and giving them user help they did not ask for, do not need, and that serves no purpose whatsoever?

You describe a way of using the system that is unfathomably difficult and filled with precautionary measures that really require setting defaults with aliases to be useful to begin with. This is a developer's work, not a user's, or you'd turn a user into a developer and then this would still be the right forum.

You want him to specify the basic operation of the various tools by specifying the mode bits or flags they should normally come with? Don't you think that is a developer's job? To set defaults?

You should also stop speaking for other people, please, while you have basically provided all of the noise in this thread and the reason for the rebuttals and responses to that.

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