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 On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6:44 PM, Jarno Suni

 "debline" form that add-apt-repository supports, and URL form
 add-apt-repository supports, too, but that is undocumented, are not
 supported by ppa-purge.

 If removing Ubuntu components such as 'multiverse' or
'backports' is
supposed to be supported, some user interface changes are inevitable.

Don't mind me, but I think you're making it too complex.

It's okay if you just have one standard form, you don't need several
alternatives to do the same thing...

I think it's okay the way it is. Including the name, if my voice should
have any meaning here.

You have to be carefull with what to remove:

sudo ppa-purge -s linux.dropbox.com ubuntu/

would remove dropbox, but

sudo ppa-purge -s archive.ubuntu.com ubuntu/

might remove the whole ubuntu system!

But now you are making it even more complex, because an average user is not going to know the difference.

Now you can say that you didn't make it this way... but you are giving these informations that are going to confuse people here as well as everywhere if they read it.

If there is a problem, fix it, don't tell people to understand archaic or difficult to know thought-forms ;-). I mean, demonstrate the proper use case, don't feed into all the ones that are not proper. Don't give attention to everything people should not use, please.

Just placing this firmly in people's minds will increase the change that they do the incorrect thing. Because you give attention to it. People skim these mails and then subconsciously copy something they have read.

What we have called a Freudian slip of the tongue among other things: don't feed people with the wrong stuff to do.

Not even as a way to say: don't do that.

You might have read the above statement and then in a moment of lacking concentration, as happens to us all at times, you might type the wrong line from memory.

That's why I say: you're making it too complex. If this is documentation that you are doing right here, of sorts... then presenting the user with 5 different forms, 2 of which are incorrect, so to speak, instead of presenting the user with the one form that is correct, is not helpful.

That's all I was saying mostly. Don't panic. Everything's fine ;-).

But don't feed into chaos please. If the thing is chaotic, fine, but don't present it into everyone's vision for no reason, so to speak. You could even say: don't market the chaos.

I could understand, or I can understand you would be concerned with the state of the project or the changes you have made or the support you have had or have not had.

But I just feel that if you let it be in this sense, if you let it rest, nothing much will go wrong, I've never heard anyone complain about ppa-purge ;-). And it's a nice name. Does what it says right.

It's a catchy name, everyone is going to remember it.

The other alternative .... you forget whether it is "add-apt-repository" or "apt-add-repository". I am always confused about that one.

Why? "apt-get" and then "add-apt" do not mix.

So I would even say the add-apt-repository command needs to be renamed to apt-add-repository".

THEN you might consider renaming the thing to apt-remove or something.

So considering that, I think people wanting to stick to ppa-purge seems very reasonable.

"add-apt" and "remove-apt" is just bad nomenclature.

All in all do what you like, pardon any offense here on my part.

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