> On Thursday, December 1, 2016 3:20 PM, Xen <l...@xenhideout.nl> wrote:

> > Jarno Suni schreef op 01-12-2016 6:51:

>>  You have to be carefull with what to remove:
>>  sudo ppa-purge -s linux.dropbox.com ubuntu/
>>  would remove dropbox, but
>>  sudo ppa-purge -s archive.ubuntu.com ubuntu/
>>  might remove the whole ubuntu system!
> But now you are making it even more complex, because an average user is 
> not going to know the difference.

I am not making it complex, it is complex. There are many servers for Ubuntu 
software (like you can see in Software & Updates, many of them does not have 
word ubuntu in its domain name. But hopefully user knows what he/she is 
removing, as he/she is probably the one who added the extra repositories in the 

> Now you can say that you didn't make it this way... but you are giving 
> these informations that are going to confuse people here as well as 
> everywhere if they read it.

Don't shoot the messenger. I am telling people should pay attention. Though I 
have added simulation mode and recovery function in ppa-purge, so it should be 
safe to experiment. 

> If there is a problem, fix it, don't tell people to understand archaic 
> or difficult to know thought-forms ;-). I mean, demonstrate the proper 
> use case, don't feed into all the ones that are not proper. Don't give 
> attention to everything people should not use, please.

I demonstrated a proper user case above. Removing dropbox.

> Just placing this firmly in people's minds will increase the change that 
> they do the incorrect thing. Because you give attention to it. People 
> skim these mails and then subconsciously copy something they have read.

Well, this is not a support channel for end users. This is about discussion of 
development for Ubuntu.

> What we have called a Freudian slip of the tongue among other things: 
> don't feed people with the wrong stuff to do.
> Not even as a way to say: don't do that.
> You might have read the above statement and then in a moment of lacking 
> concentration, as happens to us all at times, you might type the wrong 
> line from memory.
> That's why I say: you're making it too complex. If this is documentation 

> that you are doing right here, of sorts... then presenting the user with 
> 5 different forms, 2 of which are incorrect, so to speak, instead of 
> presenting the user with the one form that is correct, is not helpful.
> That's all I was saying mostly. Don't panic. Everything's fine ;-).
> But don't feed into chaos please. If the thing is chaotic, fine, but 
> don't present it into everyone's vision for no reason, so to speak. You 
> could even say: don't market the chaos.


> I could understand, or I can understand you would be concerned with the 
> state of the project or the changes you have made or the support you 
> have had or have not had.
> But I just feel that if you let it be in this sense, if you let it rest, 
> nothing much will go wrong, I've never heard anyone complain about 
> ppa-purge ;-). And it's a nice name. Does what it says right.

It is not just for removing PPAs. Well, there are some bugs reporrted in 
Launchpad. I have tried to fix many of them in my work.
> It's a catchy name, everyone is going to remember it.

I agree it is a catchy name.

> The other alternative .... you forget whether it is 
> "add-apt-repository" 
> or "apt-add-repository". I am always confused about that one.
> Why? "apt-get" and then "add-apt" do not mix.
> So I would even say the add-apt-repository command needs to be renamed 
> to apt-add-repository".

I guess I won't see that happening.

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