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This, apparently, turns out to be a operator requirement... I reported a
bug about this when it first appeared in rc-proposed but it seems to be
required by network operators to indicate if a SIM card is not present
(it might be damaged and the system not recognizing it any more or
I could not find your bug report about this, but I found this one (1). I understand the need to indicate there's no SIM card when there are no SIM cards at all, but most people have only one, so to require to constatly notify users that they don't have a second one seems a bit silly. If anything, it's counter-productive: the user thinks there's something wrong constantly, and the day something is really wrong, he/she might not notice. And anyway, this piece of information is already available when you pull down the indicator. There's not much space in the top panel. How can a network operator require something like that from independent OSes? Can you provide a link to your bug? That way, you won't have to repeat what has already been said there :). Thanks !

(1) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1616342

I think you definitely have a fair point about it being inverted on a
tablet... It does not help there. On phone-sized devices though, it's
not only about the dash button. all the other launcher icons are aligned
at the bottom too, and I certainly use them a lot and would struggle
more if they were on the top.

Nevertheless, I'll bring this up again with designers, at least for the
tablet use case I agree with you.
Yes, you're right, I overlooked the rest of the launcher…

But having a different launcher for phone versus the rest might not be a good idea, since (as far as I understand) Ubuntu does not want to consider "form-factors". That's why I was wondering if it would not be best to always have a bottom-up launcher… Would it introduce other problems? Is it an interesting thing to ponder?


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