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> > I could not find your bug report about this, but I found this one (1). I
> > understand the need to indicate there's no SIM card when there are no
> > SIM cards at all, but most people have only one, so to require to
> > constatly notify users that they don't have a second one seems a bit
> > silly. If anything, it's counter-productive: the user thinks there's
> > something wrong constantly, and the day something is really wrong,
> > he/she might not notice.
> > And anyway, this piece of information is already available when you pull
> > down the indicator. There's not much space in the top panel. How can a
> > network operator require something like that from independent OSes?
> > Can you provide a link to your bug? That way, you won't have to repeat
> > what has already been said there :). Thanks !
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+bug/1607291

Just a reaction from some user (not an Ubuntu developer or IT guy): I updated
yesterday morning the device of my wife to OTA-13 and hand it over to
her (after the hassle of a not booting device, which I hided to her).
Her first reaction was: What is this new small icon on top showing something
with a cross, should I worry about it?   :-)


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