On Thu, 22 Feb 2018, Ross Gammon wrote:

Ubuntu Studio 18.04 Final Beta: April 5th. I should be around for that.

Ubuntu Studio 18.04 Final Release: April 19th - 26th. I will not be available 
that (due to work).

Who is around to help testing for the first 3?

I will try to be.

Should we release 18.04 at all?

I would say yes. There is enough with just application upgrades to make it worthwhile I think.

The other end of it is that if 18.04 is not released, it is probably not worth keeping Studio around at all. 16.04 is already too old in many ways... the big thing is that developers of some of applications Studio ships are getting bug reports on issues they have fixed years ago.

Unless someone has the time to step up and steer this beast, I think it is finished.

Len Ovens

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