I am very interested in stepping up thing is I have no previous experience in such a role. I also do not have any experience with packaging or anything of that sort?

On 2018-02-22 16:38, Ross Gammon wrote:
Hi All,

We have some coming release dates that require testing of the ISO

Ubuntu Studio 16.04.4 Xenial point release: The date has been put back
to the 1st of March. I should be around for that.

Ubuntu Studio First Beta: As far as I know, we have no new features to
test, so we should probably opt out of this release.

Ubuntu Studio 18.04 Final Beta: April 5th. I should be around for
 Ubuntu Studio 18.04 Final Release: April 19th - 26th. I will not be
available for that (due to work).

Who is around to help testing for the first 3?

Who is around to do the Release Manager duties for the 18.04 Final
Release (testing, confirming when images are releasable, writing
release notes, helping with website/social media announcements)?

Should we release 18.04 at all?


US Test Team Lead

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