Hi "Joe B",

> After spending nearly 3 Days trying to get this thing to work

I must admit that getting UDMSearch doing what it´s supposed
to do seems to be kind of tricky from time to time.

I had a couple of problems installing it myself.

> The documentation is poor and the support I am getting from this board is daft.

Ooooooops - that´s completely different from the experiences that I have made.
All my questions where at least read, if not even answered within minutes by 
Alexander Barkov.

Even with commercial software, you usually can not expect such quick
responses !
> Does anyone else no of any alternative? If so please let me know.

htdig is used quite often to build an archive of HTML pages. Personally
I prefer UDMSearch, because it uses Mysql and offers a PHP frontend -
I know a little bit about those, so the choice for *me* is clear.

Furthermore it can index a wide variety of things like web pages, directories
of a file system, newsgroups, etc.

If you want to check out htdig take a look at http://www.htdig.org/. 
This one might more suit your needs.

Good luck ! :-)



Emre Bastuz
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