Author: Zenon Panoussis
> Question: are you running your own web server? Is the cgi-bin of 
> your particular domain and user account *really* set to the cgi-bin 
> directory that you are using? Are you sure? 

If you don't know how the web server is configured, here is how 
to test it. 

Put this in a file called :

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use CGI ':standard';

print header();
print start_html();
print h5("This works");
print end_html();

Do chmod a+x and place the file in the same directory 
as your search.cgi . Do ./ on the shell; that should 
give you a simple HTML page. Now call the script from your 
browser with http://your.domain/cgi-bin/ or with 
http://your.domain/your_dir/cgi-bin/ . Does it work? 
If not, your problem is in the server configuration and the 
location of your cgi-bin. 


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