Author: Zenon Panoussis

> If I move search.htm the script complains that it cant find 
> search.htm via the ssh. 

Well that's good. It shows that the cgi is looking in the right 
place for the right file.

> maybe it is any kind of help I have called the script like this 
> configure --with-mysql --prefix=/mylocal/dir/

That should be OK.

> it does not matter if I put it into a local dir or in a local 
> cgi-bin/dir it never works ... 

"A local cgi-bin/dir"? What do you mean? 

Question: are you running your own web server? Is the cgi-bin of 
your particular domain and user account *really* set to the cgi-bin 
directory that you are using? Are you sure? 


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