Ugandans in Boston pay tribute to Kasubi Royal Tombs

Ugandans in Boston couldn’t have chosen a more perfect spot to start their 
“Tribute to Kasubi Tombs” event on Saturday April 26th 2010. In the middle of 
Waltham Common, a spot aptly named “Circle of Remembrance”, they gathered to 
express their feelings and thoughts in remembrance of the historical UNESCO 
certified Kasubi Royal Tombs of Buganda that were razed by fire in March. 

The Eastern Representative for UNAA Mr. Ronnie Mayanja thanked the organizers 
for deciding to take up this great cause to rally behind the Kingdom of 
Buganda, despite hailing from various corners of Uganda. Another attendee, Mr. 
Davis Settuba who drove all the way from Rhode Island with his little daughter, 
spoke of how he had been looking forward to taking her to visit the Kasubi 
Tombs someday. He expressed how deeply saddened he was by their destruction, 
hence when he heard about the tribute he made every effort to attend, for his 
daughter’s sake. 

Pastor Katende of Global Evangelical Church led the gathering in a moving 
prayer. The group then paraded down Moody Street, across the Charles River 
Bridge, ending at Karibu Restaurant on Crescent Street. Here against the 
backdrop of a running slide show depicting Buganda's history and traditional 
Ugandan music, Ugandan hors d’oeuvres were served and a tribute book was 
provided in which guests wrote personal messages and thoughts to the Kabaka of 
Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, that will be presented to the Katikilo along 
with all proceeds from the fundraising event. 

Mr. Apolo Ndyabahika, the Master of Ceremonies and one of the chief organizers 
of the event welcomed the guests that included Prince Richard Nakibinge and 
Prince Henry Ssuuna. He thanked everybody for coming out to show support for 
Buganda and help raise funds to contribute towards the rebuilding of the Kasubi 
Tombs.He introduced the key organizers, Crested Crane Group (CCG), 
International Community of Banyakigezi-Boston and Twegaite-Boston. He went on 
to thank Karibu Restaurant who provided the venue and food.

A song and prayer by Pastor Mutyaba of New Life Church opened the second 
portion of the event, then the CEO of CCG and Chairperson of Twegaite-Boston, 
Mr. Andrew Mwase, introduced the keynote speaker Dr. Hugo Kamya, a Professor at 
Simmons College, who gave a very informative history of the Buganda Kingdom 
that riveted both children and adults alike. 

Later addressing the guests, the president of CCG and Vice of ICOB-Boston Mr. 
Douglas Rutagwera noted that although CCG was formed with economic motives, the 
members are vested in the social well being of the Ugandan community in the 

“CCG has been involved in several social initiatives such as spearheading a 
PRDP town hall meeting for Northern Uganda held in Boston last year, 
involvement with UIA's “Diaspora Home is Best” events, fundraisers for Bududa 
and Kigezi land slide victims, to mention a few”. 

Mr. Rutagwera urged the people to unite not only during times of happiness and 
fun, but also during difficult times like these. He applauded similar efforts 
by other groups around the world like ICOB-UK that had come out to fundraise 
for and mourn with the people of Buganda and promised that CCG would continue 
to be involved with the community.

Speaking for Twegaite, Ms Anne Muyanga highlighted the close cultural ties 
between Busoga and Buganda, and pledged to continue that close association.

Candles were passed around and lit while the guests were led to form a Circle 
of Unity by Ms. Ruth Ndyabahika, Chair of Banyakigezi-Boston and Director of PR 
for CCG. “We were deeply saddened when we heard the tragic news that the Kasubi 
tombs burned down. In the spirit of solidarity and friendship that is 
synonymous with the Banyakigezi culture, this event is to say we care, and we 
stand by you”. 

A moment of silence was kept.

The mood was lightened by an exciting auction in which Shs 3 million was 
raised. The highest bid was for a stunning framed picture of Kasubi Tombs that 
went to Mr. Kiyenje of Boston, for $300. 

The winner at the event however was clearly Kasubi Tombs and the people of 
Uganda who once again showed that despite the complexities of a situation, we 
can still stand as one, rally around each other and contribute towards a 
laudable cause. 
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