On 12/01/17 20:34, Peter Knapp wrote:
Telehouse do (charge a cross connect fee) but Openreach either absorbed
it and paid it themselves or have a “special arrangement” with TH as
there were no charges for our tubes.

We had a new one put into Telehouse East last month. Fortunately we already had some old disused BT fibre into the rack but needed a new copper line for the management broadband. BT told us they couldn't order the cabling run and we had to order it direct from Telehouse (spec provided for a 25m run of BT provided phone cable from the DP inside the same room). What was a bit surprising is that TH charged us more than twice their standard cross connect install charge plus the usual annual rental fee, despite not having to supply or terminate the cable themselves. I checked with our account manager but apparently this is their standard pricing for running BT supplied cables.


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