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On 13 January 2017 at 10:29, Ben McKeegan <b...@netservers.co.uk> wrote:

> What was a bit surprising is that TH charged us more than twice their
> standard cross connect install charge plus the usual annual rental fee,
> despite not having to supply or terminate the cable themselves.   I checked
> with our account manager but apparently this is their standard pricing for
> running BT supplied cables.

This is especially odd as the last conversation I had with our TH account
manager at the end of October was that BT supply materials, Telehouse
install, charge you a fixed one off cost for their time, end:

“What normally happens is that Openreach normally drop of[f] the cable to
Telehouse, we then raise a THM on the customers account for a one of[f]
cost for us to run the cable in, once it’s run in we inform the customer
who then tell openreach to come back in to terminate and test the service. “

I emailed asking to confirm it was a one off charge:

“Thanks correct Openreach circuits are Install cost only and the THM is the
type of Order form that we raise to show it’s a one of cost to run in BT
cable and not as per a TIC or ILK which both have Annual fees”

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