You're right on the limitation of throughput vers capacity.

100ge on an mx chassis is crazy expensive, by the time you've added in the 
costs for the chassis, mpce (that allows full actual throughput of the 100ge 
cards you've also bought) , it just doesn't compare with other vendors for 100g 

Don't forget to not get caught out by cheap cards and then realise they've not 
removed mpls license limitations.

Depends on the discount level you can get on the mx10003 I know when we where 
trying they wernt feeling too generous.

But we use them, they're functionality is brilliant and pretty stable boxes. 
Ask your distribution for a loan and try before you buy...

I did chuckle about the old software comment. It's sadly true.


From: Simon Lockhart
Sent: Tuesday, 6 March, 15:53
Subject: [uknof] Juniper MX204/MX10003

All, Does anyone have any experience of the Juniper MX10003 and/or MX204? I’ve 
always been a Cisco person for core network, and had been looking at ASR9k as a 
100G upgrade path for our core - but the MX10003 is coming in at under half the 
price of an equivalent ASR9000 build. Equally, I’d been looking at the ASR9901 
as a border router upgrade, but the MX204 is stupidly cheap in comparison. The 
one thing we’ve found from reading the spec sheets is that both routers have 
more ports than the ASICs can support, so if you want to use the lower speed 
ports you have to give up one or more of the 100G ports - but this seems well 
documented and easy to work with. Any other gotchas that people are aware of? 
The Juniper sales pitch is compelling, but I’ve not used them before to know 
what to be looking out for. Many thanks, Simon

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