*   And whilst some on here seem to think that ridiculing peoples opinions 
and suggestions is acceptable, I think that Paul (Mansfield) has made a valid 
suggestion that deserves to be discussed in an adult manner.

Sorry as its Friday, I actually thought Paul was trying to be funny!

RFC 2460<https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2460>                   IPv6 
Specification              December 1998

After well more than twenty years of having this discussion (including 
challenging the system wide cut over requirements at the time and that fact 
that positioning this with “customers”/users/network operators was completely 
ignored in the process), Then building 3 major networks with it not being used; 
I’m somewhat sceptical to approaches like the one Paul mentions.

Any action needs to have customers and users at the forefront of the thinking; 
not an afterthought.

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