From: "Peter Kirk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I wonder how long before the Euro will also de facto have a single bar?

This is already done since the birth of the symbol, when some legal texts
specify that (if nothing else) a uppercase letter E can be used in
environments that don't support the exact initial euro symbol design.

And in fact I can see now a lot more variants of the symbols in ads and
other commercial displays, using one of the many forms that have appeared
for that symbol.

And I am myself handwriting it sometimes with a single bar, which sometimes
looks just like a tall&wide lowercase e in which the single bar touches the
top right corner of a slanted curve, simply because I usually draw the
horizontal stroke before this curve, forgetting to draw the second bar or
drawing it too often on top of the first bar.

If there are effectively semantic differences between a single-bar and
double-bar glyph for the dollar in Australia, New Zealand or other countries
using this symbol, and and the glyph for the US dollar, the variant may be
the best solution to represent them (letting users select a font that makes
this distinction). I bet it will be exceptional.

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