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> Hi!
> Just a quick question.. The description for U+0024 (DOLLAR SIGN) states
that the glyph may contain one or two vertical bars. Is there a codepoint
specifically for the traditional double-bar form, or any plan to include one
in the future?
> I was taught at school that the double-bar form was used when Australia
switched to decimal currency in 1966, and that it was incorrect to write the
single-bar form when referring to Australian dollars. I guess the single-bar
form had taken over due to the lack of support from type-faces and computing
devices, although it's still quite common to see it in Australian
publications, especially in large fonts (headlines, advertising, etc).

There's a similar consideration in French primary schools about the correct
way to draw the decimal digits: the handwritten barred form of digit seven
is mandatory to avoid confusion with the handwritten digit one, and the
"uppercase L with stroke" and "zigzag" forms of digit four are also
prohibited. In school books, they are shown correctly, but this rule is
rapidly forgotten when children are used to correctly draw digits easy to

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