> However, the presence of two opposing conventions serves as a strong
> hint that there was no consensus in 1966, nor now, as to how glyph
> variants of the dollar sign were to be used to stand for 
> different types
> of dollars.

I went to school in the 1980's, and both in Victoria and Tasmania I was taught to 
write it using the double-bar form. My brother in law is a school teacher here in 
Victoria and says he's been told to teach kids to write it using the double-bar form 
in Victoria and New South Wales, and strongly discourage the single-bar form. He 
doesn't know about other states. 

> Kevin later quoted the Decimal Currency Board:
> > (c) where it is necessary to distinguish the Australian dollar from
> > overseas currencies, the letter A should be placed immediately after
> > the dollar sign - $A;"
> Interesting.  I've often seen the opposite, A$ or AU$, even 
> in contexts
> that only involved Australian dollars, not U.S. dollars.
> Of course you can always just use AUD and USD and be done with it.

My bank (ANZ) recently gave me literature related to obtaining foreign currency, and 
used the form $A (that is, with the double-bar form of the dollar sign, not the 
single-bar form). Considering the small glossy leaflet was about the rising Australian 
dollar, it's evidently a recent publication. Their website, however, obviously has no 
choice but to use the single-bar form due to font authors, who appear to be quite 
consistently using the single-bar form. Curiously, though, my bank statements from ANZ 
use this single-barred dollar sign ;)

Considering recent publications, the site pasted (thanks to Kevin Brown), the wide 
knowledge of the (original) double-bar form of the dollar sign, and the fact that it's 
still taught at schools in Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales (possibly other 
states too, I'm unsure) - does this amount to reasonable evidence of an existing 
subset of users?

The use of the single-bar dollar sign on the website Kevin provided 
(http://www.abs.gov.au/Ausstats/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/0/c7103f5100c7663fca2569de00293f3c) 
is obviously because there's no reliable method of displaying the double-bar form! I 
smell a subset of users which would benefit from disunification right there ;)

 - Simon

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