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I guess that Moby Latin is now being reengineered, see:

That's Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle's mirror of the readme file for Whacking Latin, the UK version of Moby Latin. I don't see anything about re-engineering it, but maybe I missed something.

Obviously the Microsoft program used to generate will be
KbdUTool, the Microsoft Keyboard Table Generation Tool (Unicode).

Yes, via MSKLC.

Iʼm so glad that now what many people were waiting for,
serial dead keys, is going to become a common feature
on Windows.

I would be glad to see that too, but where do you see that on the referenced page? All I see is John's original text about working around the MSKLC limitation.

If you want to work directly with KbdUTool to get serial dead keys, bypassing MSKLC, here is Kaplan's post from 2011 on how to do this. Be sure to read all the warnings twice:

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