Richard Wordingham wrote:

> 'Foreground' and 'background' are the only externally defined colours. 
> There's no ability to explicitly choose, say 'text stroked sable and dotted 
> gules'.  Instead, it's 'text stroked sable and dotted proper', with a choice 
> of palettes to define 'proper'.

External selection of decoration colours would theroretically be possible, I do 
not know how difficult this would be to implement.

I remember posting about that somewhere some years ago but I cannot find it at 
the moment.

The following thread now mentions that possibility and also has, from 2014, an 
idea of how to have shading from one colour to another.

In that thread, on 7 June 2014, I wrote as follows.


The standardization process has a rule that if someone (individual or company) 
puts forward a proposal for standardization, then that person has to agree to 
provide a working demonstration.

I put forward some ideas for how to extend the COLR/CPAL model so as to provide 
colour shading of glyphs as well as the existing solid colour.

Yet I could not formally propose them for standardization as I do not have the 
facilities to provide a working demonstration.

end quote

So the ideas are there and maybe they could be implemented, though alas I 
cannot implement them myself.

William Overington

Thursday 22 February 2018

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