Not sure which is the 'lead' unit in this mix. but, yes, I've had the
touch on first and the others sync to it, and around the other way too.
I dont always have every amp on at the same time, but the players stay
on for most of the weekend generally, and I get a 'hiccup' once in a
blue moon. 
All my units are wifi, and the LMS is on a HP microserver thats doing a
few other things, so i figured its just LMS not getting any HDD access
due to other things hammering the drives ....

I'll keep a closer ear on things and see if it's more often than i
realise ....
So it turns out I haven't updated as often as i thought i did ... two of
those units are 2.05, and the Pi2berry is on 2.06 :)

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