huxmut wrote: 
> Ummmm, Im outta ideas ...
> A few more 'off the top of my head' thoughts for you to look at
> Does the same thing happen with radio streaming as locally stored songs
> ?
> Have you tried with a single Pi and a single touch as the only clients
> ?
> Are you sure your LMS server is capable of delivering the fourth stream
> ?
> Try changing the "proxied" or "direct" setting for streams and see if
> that makes a difference to internet radio.
> I have the internet streaming option as "direct" because I have a 30mbit
> connection with unlimited data, so I'm unlikely to have issues with 
> streams due to my infrastructure, but I understand its possibly better
> to use proxied if the connection is limited in some way.
> edit- I wonder if the order they are added to the sync pile makes a
> difference to LMS ?

After a few hours of trouble shooting, I am suspecting my DAC is causing
the problem...

1.) I can sync my RPi successfully to any SBT on my network, except the
one that is plugged into the same DAC.
2.) If I take another SBT from elsewhere on my network and swap it out
to the same DAC that my RPi is plugged into, it fails with dropouts.
3.) So, IMO, the Dac is causing a timing issue of some sort..

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