bolony wrote: 
> Hi,hope someone can help,
> I am new to all this..
> Have had picoreplayer running lms on pi3 3 amp power supply without
> issue with mp3s on an  ext powered hdd.
> I have just purchased a new 3 TB toshiba canvas basics drive but  it is
> not listed under/mnt as an option to scan in the the music
> I am not using a powered hub (and dont have one currently to
> try),however if i boot into a raspian image the drive is visible and
> accessible ,even with a usb mouse,keyboard and a 2nd hard drive
> connected.
> Yesterday i connected to the pi3 running picoreplayer ,through putty and
> was triyng some commands ,i cant remember which,to see what usb devices
> were connected and the hdd appeared to be there ,just needed to be
> mounted i think.
> Can anybody point me in the right direction?
> I did also see mentioned here that someone was using this particular hdd
> on picoreplayer 3.0 without issue and without ext powered hub

Ahh, Balony,

I think this is dependant upon the format of the external drive.

If you enable the beta page on picore and go to the tweaks page and
scroll down to the bottom there is a dropdown to enable certain
extensions and a save button. Successful completion will enable your
hard drive to appear. 
This is vague because I don't have a picoreplayer near me and so I'm
If you search through this thread I'm certain you will find reference to
this matter.



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