Mnyb wrote: 
> My sugestions about a rational testing method ? Was that negativity ?
> You can sugest a completely of the chart thing to test , who knows
> really .
> But it is the choice of testing methods that matters most .
> There is also this , if you make an extraordinary claim you better have
> the corresponding extraordinary evidence.
> If would just accept that jumping of building would kill me without a
> peer reviewed paper :)
> But for example differences between digital sources are non existing in
> controlled tests ? At the moment .
> ( these digital sources of course playing the same flac file or CD )
> In my own system i can say that my Meridian DVD-A player my Pioneer
> bluray or my saueezebox SB3 or my Squezeebox Touch probably performs
> identical with 16/44.1 the A/B testing i did was not at the highest
> standard ABX with severL people involved . But this was an expected
> result .
> If ive found large diffrences aka a very unexpected result I have to
> investigate much more before claiming fanstic results with my noodling ?

What claim did I make?

I said what I heard ( period )

I made no claims as to what anyone else would hear or any claims.

You guys are off the chart

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