In shorter words .

Perceptual bias is so strong that you really can't say anything by just
sighted listening test not you or me .

So a sighted test carries no information about if the sound actually
changed . Only that you thought it did which is not the same thing .

So measure and do an ABX test with the tweaks that measured differently
, you weed out 99% of the duds your tweaking effort will end quickly or
you find what really matters quickly .

Then the other thing .

If I do the the same sighted unverified test , if I then "hear"
something and compare to you ?
It's then my imagined apples to you imagined oranges ? What can be
decided from that it's pointless ?

For comedy in many tweaked treads people seems to agree , mostly because
OP said what result should be :D

To you credit you have not yourself attributed sonic characteristics to
most of your tweaks . Kudos .

These characteristics when people claims them are usually very analog
and and not something simple jitter and emi disturbances could do , you
need serious DSP to for example change the soundstage or alter the
treble response... frankly the bits can no longer be the same ;)
difrences must creep up to -60-70 dB to be possible hea in other words
above bit 13 thereabout .

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