mudlark wrote: 
> For may people testing an improvement to audio equipment works one way
> and one way only. Theory > testing >conclusion. It does not go Idea >
> testing > conclusion.
> As an example, there is no rational theory that goes along the lines of
> "low latency means better audio quality". If you can come up with a
> rational reason why reduced latency improves audio then you have half a
> chance of attracting any attention. Otherwise you will have to accept
> the fact that an idea doesn't make a theory. 
> The "just try it" way of doing things will never include rational
> tweakers.
> I am happy to see the random stuff around, but where it affects the
> mainstream I get very, very defensive. 
> I see random stuff as go faster stripes. They may tweak your ego, but do
> nothing for performance. 
> Finally, I also defend the gold tap brigade. Life would be boring if we
> all had the same attitude to life.

You guys are so funny.

I put a link of the source so it's not a idea, theory out even a message
from God.

I have nothing to gain or loose from people trying out or not.

You people would rather spend 20 minutes on a post vs the whole 10
seconds out would take to copy and paste it.....

Fine by me...

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