anotbot wrote: 
> Hi PasTim,
> Thank you for your help.
> Here is the log from the Pi server - I'm not sure what any of it means
> :-)
> I was trying adding various options to the squeezelite command line.
> The first bit is the default for the just boom card : -o
> hw:CARD=sndrpijustboomd -V Digital -Q 
> It was suggested that I add -s myserver.local:9000  or -s myserver.local
> - the first broke the player and the second made no difference. So I
> can't be sure if the any errors that are being reported are due to the
> above...
> .....
> I don't understand much of this either, but maybe other more
knowledgeable people here will.  It certainly looks as if your remote
squeezelite player is struggling to make itself known to the LMS

Have you tried using -s with the local-IP-address:9000 rather than
'myserver.local'? A correct IP address or resolved host name shouldn't
break the player.

LMS 7.9.1 on VortexBox Midi box, Xubuntu 17.04, FLACs 16->24 bit,
44.1->192kbps.  Touch & EDO. 2nd Touch standard.
LMS plugin UPnP/DLNA Bridge to MF M1 CLiC (to A308CR amp & ESLs) &
Marantz CR603 UPnP renderers.  
Alternatively Minimserver & Upplay to same & to upmpdcli/mpd PC
Squeezelite to Meridian USB Explorer DAC to PC speakers/headphones.  
Wireless Xubuntu 17.04 laptop firefox/upplay or Android 'phone with
Squeeze-Commander/BubbleUPnP controls LMS/Minimserver.
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