Hi All,

I am late to this Kali party.. has been using Pi/picoreplayer ->
Hifiberry Dac pro+ I2S out -> Ian's i2StoPCM converter -> DIY AD1865 dac
and has always wanted to try this Kali reclocker board for a long time
till today. Board just arrive.

I am playing with my new china taobao toy TDA1387 Pi dac
and it sounds really quite well but as usual the Pi clock is not up to
standard. I figure that since this TDA1387 only uses 5V for the board i
do not need 3.3Vdc. it also does not need the MCK as it regenerate its
own MCK using the onboard 50Mhz TCXO. So i insert the Kali in between
the Pi and TDA1387 board and it works nicely.. so much diff is the PRAT
that it almost a different system.

just sharing my opinion. Will be getting another Kali to for my AD1865
dac and throw away the Hifiberry Dac pro+ board since i am only using
its Master I2S MCK and Kali already has it on Pin29.



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