Jeff07971 wrote: 
> The power On/Off GPIO is an output not input and is used to turn on or
> off a power amp etc when squeezelite begins playing.
> If you put a gpio number in that is used by the output (a DAC etc)
> squeezelite will not start.
> 24448
Still not clear for me - do I need to export the GPIO I want to use
before or is this job supposed to be done by PCP? If I need to export
manually: How to make the export reboot safe? I read elsewhere that this
is done with pcp bu, but after a reboot, the exports are gone.

I also found a post from Greg in another forum that pointed to a script
for switching a relay: - I
suppose that this is obsolete, as the playing / not playing signal is
sent by PCP to the GPIO?

Still have the problem that whatever GPIO i put into the field (no GPIO
is actually used), Squeelite won't start any longer.
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