fsger wrote: 
> I had been running 3.22 Audio without any problems and expected an easy
> upgrade to 3.5.0 Audio.  Unfortunately, I spent number of fruitless
> evenings trying to get a version of 3.5.0 Audio & LMS to run stably (in
> most cases at some point in the set-up it - usually after LMS was
> installed - it just failed to respond and I could not even ping my RPi 3
> on a hardwired connection).  I also tried with several power supplies
> with the same result (I did get lucky once but when the RPi was
> restarted I could not connect or ping).  I began to suspect the RPi 3
> hardware but as a last check I went back to 3.11.  It worked perfectly,
> as did 3.20, 3.21, 3.22, so I tried the non-audio 3.5.0, which also
> works perfectly - and sounds excellent by the way.   Has any one else
> had similar issues with 3.5.0 Audio with LMS on RPi3?  Is it simply that
> it is too heavy for the RPi3 and needs the RPi3+?

I wouldn't use the audio version for a LMS setup - and I suggest only to
use it for your squeezelite clients. 
So as the normal 3.5.0 version is working with your LMS installed I
would stick to that. Personally, I use a RPi3 for my LMS server, with a
1 TB USB HDD attached and I find it very quick and haven't observed any
slow-downs with normal use. I think Michael provided some data on the
difference in indexing using a RPI3 versus RPi3 B+ somewhere in this

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