aphonia wrote: 
> Hello bpa,
> if I use ffmpeg with -reconnect option, playback of the remote file
> isn't terminated after elapsing of the first ~10MB segment, see my
> previous post(s). This is why I use it (ffmpeg -reconnect command) in
> transcoding option in the LMS (for the FLAC stream format) to overcome
> playback termination by LMS, pls see my previous 'post #4'
> (https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?108891-Problem-with-playback-of-URL-sourced-mp3-type-files-on-LMS-(Czech-Radio%92s-iRadio)&p=911472&viewfull=1#post911472)
> from yesterday.
> I'm using the pipe with ffplay just to check/listen the audio online
> when logging information of ffmpeg into the command-line shell, it
> doesn't have any negative effect on playback of the remote file.
> aphonia

I understand what you're doing - just it is odd that wget and curl do
not have the same problem so it seems the issue is with the server
disconnecting because it doesn't like how the data is being throttled. 
AFAICT Status 206 is a http 1.1 code - it is not in http 1.0 which is
what LMS uses.  So it looks like the czech server may not be following
the standard and as such needs special handling swuch as a http 1.1
download (or the operator fix their implementation)  and not modifying
LMS (I believe implementing http 1.1 would be too much work).

More investigation is needed.

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