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> I'll need to look at this in more detail when I have time.
It would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
If I could be of any "help", let me know.

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> However, remember TCP level communication is at the OS level. LMS does
> not send RST - just open and close. RST are as a result of timeouts at
> TCP level and implemented at driver level.
Thanks for the explanation, I'm sorry for my misinterpretation (it was
just deduction from what I noticed in the network trace). Unfortunately,
although I have background in electronics and high level programming
(Matlab), I'm familiar only with basic understanding of networking.

bpa wrote: 
> Since your test system is WIndows based and mine is Ubuntu and there are
> many TCP implementation differences between OSs - some behaviour
> difference may be due to OS.
I installed the Windows subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu on my Win10 ntb
recently to get more familiar with Linux but I don't think it might help
to test the behaviour outside Windows on my side.?.
Anyway, the behaviour with pCP 3.5.0 (running on RPi 3B) is identical
(playback stopping after ~10MB segment), at least from an outside view.

bpa wrote: 
> As I said, more investigation is needed - ideally a simple non LMS
> dependent demo of LMS problem. Most broadasters do not understand the
> communications issues and so problem has to be put in very simple terms.
> It is possible that Czech radio only support HTTP 1.1 connections and
> not HTTP 1.0 backwards compatibility - in which case the problem is with
> LMS.
I understand thet this issue still remains open...

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