paul- wrote: 
> Wow, a rash if safari users.  There are issues with netshare pattern
> matching, this bug has been there for several versions, probably since I
> introduced nfs mounts.  But only reported for the first time as of a
> couple weeks ago.  Chrome/Firefox did not care what you type, but safari
> would not work at all.
> Please try the latest beta7
> Changes in Beta7
> *Fix for wifi cards not being recognized during insitu update, and
> correction for certain drivers that are not functioning with the nl80211
> driver
> *Fix for Net Mount patterns.....specifically nfs.
> *Modification for CIFS mounts to not display the password on the web
> interface, if you need to change options, you will need to re-enter the
> password.
> *Several changes in wording and information.
Many thanks - beta7 now accepts the share name in the correct format.

The mount shows up in settings so I will play with that tomorrow.

I did try just music in beta5 and it seems to work but then throws an
error and clears the enabled flag.

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