muttley_drat wrote: 
> Hi,
> I have been using PCP for about 4 years now and I think this is a
> marvelous piece of work. Thanks
> I use PCP in my remote speakers which about 2 years ago I modified to
> include a Z Wave switch so I could control them as part of my home
> automation
> I have 4 speakers set like this all slaved to an LMS with it's own
> (ficticious) player. the player on the server is just there to keep the
> server playing 24/7
> The speakers drop in and out of the syncronised group and I have music
> from a repeating playlist within a minute of any player being switched
> on.
> Works like a charm !
> Because it worked so well I thought I'd swap my Max2Play LMS
> installation for a PCP version of the same.
> Installation went well and the players synched okay ... except ...
> Whenever a speaker (a PCP node previously identifird and sync'd to the
> LMS, and server saved with this sync) joins the group, ALL the players
> on the server pause.
> I've had to go back to the Max2Play server.
> Any ideas if I have missed a setting or if there are any known
> differences in the installation of 7.9 nightly ?
> Thanks in advance
> Mutt

When you say all the players pause do you mean they stay paused?

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