paul- wrote: 
> Ian,
> I'm a bit confused as to the sequence of your email....when you posted
> the diagnostic output, the output device was clearly there.
> You should be able to use that in the squeezelite output setting, and it
> should be fine.    If you expand the more by the output setting, you can
> just select the one you want.   (Same thing with streamer, just expand
> the more tag and pick the device.
> Paul

That output device is there before I press save and there's nothing in
the box above except "Analog Input". As soon as I press save they

The dtoverlay command doesn't do anything that I can see as the devices
are there before that is executed.

I haven't seen anything at all in streamer "Input Device" box before or
after saving the squeezelite setting, so I can't actually use it.

I'm thinking of abandoning trying to get this going and buying one of
the Hifiberry DAC/ADC boards that are already in PCP.

I'm very concerned about the amount of time  you are spending on this.

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