paul- wrote: 
> Lots of changes in the Bluetooth code,  but same driver base as pcp5. 
> I’ll have to run a fresh install and test.   My upgraded version works
> fine.  So you can see your speakers in LMS, they just won’t play sound?
> Can you try to change your player name, and then press save.   Then
> reconnect the device.

Thanks for this. I have tried a fresh install on the new SD card but
with no more success. I tried changing the name from 'picoreplayer' to
'Loft'; that player appears to be playing but no sound emerges from the
paired speaker; only after restarting the daemon does the speaker name
appear in LMS, and it is that player that will play until the speaker is
powered off, after which it is necessary to restart again from the web

Is my installation process right? - I transfer the iso to the SD card
using Win32, expand the fs to 100mb, enable RPI bluetooth, install the
bluetooth extensions, reboot to start the connect daemon, run scan and
then pair the BOOM 3.


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