Robert J. Earp wrote:

> Richard wrote:
>> > Would LC's built-in print to PDF support not be an option?
> Richard, many thanks for the thought.  If you mean the built-in
> “printing to pdf” then yes, but as far as I could see it only prints
> cards, not just field content.  Is there other pdf support ?

All printing in LC is based on a card, but has some very flexible options like printing a header into one rect, a footer into another, and the body into the middle before closing the page. Coupled with the nifty metrics we can get for field rendering, even styled text can be printed quite nicely.

But all that can be tedious work. Nice if you have specialized needs, but if you have a field ready to go the folks at LC have already done the work for you: see the revPrintField command.

LC's PDF generator will take any output LC can produce, so using that in conjunction with revPrintField may be just what you're looking for.

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