Richard, many thanks for the thought.  If you mean the built-in “printing to 
pdf” then yes, but as far as I could see it only prints cards, not just field 
content.  Is there other pdf support ?

So, we’re having to mess around with creating a series of cards with a single 
field on each with their rects set to US Letter size, copying the desired field 
content into these and then printing to a pdf file.  With the current project 
where the field to print remains roughly the same character count it’s not a 
biggy to get pagination right, but I was hoping to build a tool that could take 
any size of field content with whatever tabs and output that automatically to a 
.pdf of letter size that may be one or more pages.

I haven’t got into controlling fonts yet, meaning does the “printing to pdf” 
use the font attributes that are displayed in the field on the card or ?  My 
simple test suggests yes.

best, Bob... 

> Subject: Re: Saving a tab formatted field to a file and retaining its
>       formatting
> Robert J. Earp wrote:
>> I?m not sure if the HTMLText solution will work for us as by default
>> the output file would open in a browser and we need to get it into
>> .pdf format to assemble (in Acrobat) with the other parts of the
>> report.
>> RogerG and I are currently mousing around creating a LC tool to output
>> a fields content to .pdf    It?s looking promising and we?ll let you
>> know of our success or not !!
> Would LC's built-in print to PDF support not be an option?
> -- 
>  Richard Gaskin
>  Fourth World Systems

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