Many thanks for all of the great response and from such experts !!

I’m not sure if the HTMLText solution will work for us as by default the output 
file would open in a browser and we need to get it into .pdf format to assemble 
(in Acrobat) with the other parts of the report.

RogerG and I are currently mousing around creating a LC tool to output a fields 
content to .pdf    It’s looking promising and we’ll let you know of our success 
or not !!

best, Bob…

Bob Earp - White Rock, BC

> Our project is supposed to create a formatted file that external to the LC 
> project, gets assembled with other documents/files to make a presentable 
> report.  The other docs/files are .rtf (created in MSWord or Pages or 
> TextEdit) and an .eps file.  The final report will be a .pdf and Acrobat is 
> likely what will get used to manually assemble the final report.

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