Dan: Thanks for the handler!

Ralph: Actually that last solution offered was fromr Dan Friedman not mine. 
Can you put your two handlers on the list?  " I also have an option to fit 
either by height or width." 

Doc Hawk:  I give in 😊, " Font scaling itself is nonlinear enough, but the way 
margins scale with font size is downright psychotic " that's two unknowns in 
the equation. So iterationis required

Ralph wrote
I use the same technique as BR with a couple of diffs. I originally went down 
by 1's like BR but changed it for increased performance. I set the textsize to 
a large number(I like BR's initial size option) I then go down by 8s, add 7, 
down by 4s, add 3, down by 2s, add 1 finally down by ones until it fits. Each 
of the 4 loops has a check for min size so it down not go down below 2. I guess 
2 is too low but it's been working.
I also have an option to fit either by height or width. 

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