LC Server 6.6 and later allows you to use LC as you would other system utility languages, by including the path to the engine on the first line following a shebang - see discussion here:

This lets us use the old MetaCard style with command line scripts, without needing to put "<?lc" and "?>" around the code.

But oddly, it seems that running a script this way not only doesn't need to comment wrappers, it actually tries to execute them - and of course fails.

For example, this script:

    #! ./lcs

    put the long date && the long time

...throws this error:

   row 3, col 1: script: not a command (<)

Weirder, I've found that if I omit the shebang and call the engine directly in the path on the command line it runs well:


What is it about the shebang that's breaking execution in comment blocks?

I have a need to embed code within larger blocks of non-code, and had considered using LC Server as a helper app for that.* It doesn't matter much to me if I launch it with the app path or not, but since most of my systems have LC Server installed for general use it would be nice to use the shebang method. So this seeming anomaly is certainly not critical, just odd.

* Yes, I know I can use the merge function for this, but LC desktop's merge is far more limited to the implicit merge that happens when using LC Server.

The merge function doesn't continue code execution across blocks of code separated by non-code, whereas LC Server does this well:

    <?lc if there is a file "something" then ?>
    This is some non-code
    <?lc else ?>
    Some other non-code
    <?lc end if ?>

Maybe we could have the desktop merge function expanded to work like Server's implicit merge? That would be most awesome.

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