Hi everybody, first time posting to this list, so I hope I get it right… :)

I need your wisdom on a slightly off-topic issue, though seen in the LiveCode 
I’ve never used git, but I want to start now. 

I’m working on several LC projects, some with co-developers, several with 
commercial potential, so I need to get more professional with version control 
and other benefits that come with git.

I’ll educate myself on how to use it, but: Step one seems to be to select a git 
GitHub is the obvious giant, but is it the best for my needs?

- I use LiveCode, obviously, so is any git service in any way more suited for 
- I’m not very familiar with using the command line, so I’d prefer a git 
service that has software that handles that, as far as possible. (Yeah, I’m a 
developer, I can learn, but hey, we promote the xTalk way here, no? Command 
line seems very much in the opposite side of the spectrum of readable code…)
- I develop on Mac, in case that is a factor when choosing git solution?

So, in short: How do I best get started with git when working with LiveCode on 
Mac, in small teams or alone, wishing minimal use of command line?

Do I just let gravity pull me into the GitHub gas giant, or join a rebel moon? 

(xTalker since HyperCard days, in other forums aka SWEdeAndy or WhenInSpace)
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