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> So, in short: How do I best get started with git when working with
> LiveCode on Mac, in small teams or alone, wishing minimal use of command
> line?
> Do I just let gravity pull me into the GitHub gas giant, or join a rebel
> moon? :)

Hi Andreas,

I use GutHub for my LiveCode projects but haven’t looked at other services.
I enjoy using it and they recently reduced pricing and made a team account
available for free which is great.

There aren’t any special tools for LiveCode on GitHub that I’m aware of. It
isn’t even recognized as a language by GitHub. At the moment I’m investing
how I might get automated builds working for my Levure apps using GitHub
and CircleCI. I’m in the very early stages of research and haven’t made any
real progress yet.

I love using Tower for my Git GUI. I’ve been very pleased with it.

Trevor DeVore
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