The Browser widget doesn't work on Linux, and hasn't for a good many years.

Possibly related, I recently discovered that the OAuth authentication window so completely hangs LiveCode that a force-reboot is required (yes, bug report forthcoming, when I have time and temperament for that sort of uniquely-frustrating recipe-finding).

I have a vague memory that someone in our community had found some sort of workaround for changing the browser config so that it's possible to use LiveCode's Browser widget on Linux.

If I'm remembering that correctly, what is that workaround?

And for the longer term, though Linux runs most of the modern world's infrastructure I respect that they've ceded the desktop to Microsoft. Accordingly, when it comes to desktop platforms I respect that Windows deserves the lion's share of LC Ltd's time an attention.

But as the LiveCode Linux engine falls ever farther out of parity from other platforms, unless we're about to declare the LC Linux engine abandoned maybe we could bring some of that functionality back. The Browser might be a good place to start.

What is needed to make the Browser widget work in LC's Linux engine?

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