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Watch my videos I posted using Dropbox. It’s madness. And it’s been CONFIRMED 
and NOT FIXED for a very long time....

There was more than one video, and several others also reported being unable to reproduce the issue, so my question for Tom was seeking clarity on which recipe I should be following.

With your guidance here, I've now simplified my effort to try to understand the issue that prompted this thread by skipping your other posts, and have reviewed only the first video.

If I get time to set up a sample stack, or if you have one to share, I'm happy to try it here to see if I can help steward that toward a fix.

This seems directly related to the core issue of this thread, and I have subscribed myself to that report. Thanks for providing the link.

Per Mark Waddingham's comment #2 there, this one is an engine issue, and may have backward compatibility issues if changed.

Mark provides there guidance on using the relayerGroupedControls property to do such scripting much more easily, as well as using the relayer command for even greater ease.

It may be part of what brings about the core issue of this thread, but I'm unable to determine of that's the case from the information in the report.

Probably FIXED but still marked as CONFIRMED....

While status hasn't been changed since flagged as "Confirmed", another user reports being unable to reproduce it in recent versions.

Is this one still affecting your work?

This one has a pull request submitted in May, and as far as I can tell would seem fixed now. If it's still affecting your work please note that in the report, and if not please add a note there suggesting the status be changed to "Resolved".

They're usually pretty good about closing bug reports related to the work they're doing, but there's a lot in the DB and understandably the miss a status update now and then.

> .... Frikin people who say ‘I can’t reproduce’ when it is clearly
> demonstrated in a frikin video EXACTLY what is happening! Does my nut
> in!!

Please understand that most folks here are earnestly trying to help. I know people like Brian and Jacque personally, and I feel very confident in saying they only bring their best intentions to this list.

When Brian says he was unable to reproduce an issue, he isn't saying the issue doesn't exist; like me, he's looking for details which might help it become reproducible on his own machine so he can help further the process toward a fix.

When Jacque suggests trying the App Browser as an alternative, she isn't trying to undermine your desire to use the Project Browser, she's just hearing very clearly that you have an immediate need based on a pressing deadline, and offering a simple solution to get you through that task so your project can meet with success within the time allowed.

> 2c: I wasn’t after more workarounds. I want to highlight how crap
> like this NEVER gets fixed or dealt with and continues being poop.
> Someone (Mark, Ali, Sam, Ian, Kevin, Heather, anyone) needs to start
> fixing shite like this that has been around the last 6 years!

Workarounds are for us; fixes are for us and the company.

We benefit with either; all we want is to finish our task and move on to the next.

The company benefits most from true fixes, improving the out-of-the-box experience to increase conversions while decreasing attrition.

Their priorities are theirs; mine are mine. When I finish meeting my own business' revenue and growth goals, I'll be happy to pass along to them what I learned if they ask. In the meantime, they have no shortage of guidance to choose from, and much of it is mutually exclusive, so I'll leave their business in their hands while I attend to my own.

There's a maxim from a Chinese emperor many dynasties ago which I've found useful in all my relationships, personal and professional:

  When I feel the desire to discipline another,
  I first discipline myself two-fold.
  If I am successful,
  I then ask myself if I still feel
  the desire to discipline another.

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