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i think it was just one line of code, too, right? it was just a matter of
setting the delayTouches to true.  i have no idea why it was originally

Well, the advantage of generally trying to make sure all substantive changes made to the source have well structured commit titles and decent descriptions in the body means its easy to find out by grokking `git log` :D

It was changed precisely because of the issues Andrew pointed out with DG2, specifically in this commit:

commit ac1beee1dd113e203b6715fe472cf2fa88656bd5
Author: Michael McCreary <michael.mccre...@runrev.com>
Date:   Thu Dec 21 12:49:26 2017 +0000

    [[ DataGrid 2 ]] Fix drags to cooperate with the mobile scroller.

    Previously, a data grid's mobile scroller was getting in the way of
    reorder and swipe actions.

    To fix for reordering, we disable the scroller whenn the user clicks
    on a reorder control (and re-enable it when the reorder completes).

    Swipes are a little trickier. We track dragging on mouse down, but
    disabling the scroller at this point will prevent all scrolling.
    Instead we attempt to determine if the user is trying to drag the
    row before disabling the scroller.

I'd need to do some more digging to see if the highlight on touch has actually been caused by something else since as I don't recall it being an issue, or noticed when DG2 debuted - but I could be wrong. Especially more since Android has never had a delayTouches mode.

Either this problem also affects Android, which means turning delayTouches on is not really an option (given the negative consequences to DG2 behavior); or it doesn't affect Android in which case something else has changed (potentially in the iOS scroller control itself).

I suspect we will just need a short timer on mouse down so that it only triggers a highlight *if* a scroll message isn't received within the interval of the timer.

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