My apologies to Mike AND Mark on the misquote, and *bump* to this bug. I had 
too many QC tabs open for bugs, am I right? ;) 

Is there a way to send a mobileControlSet “delayTouches” command to the 
scroller created? I wasn’t sure how to get the ID since the DataGrid code made 
the scroller. 

-Andrew Bell

> Subject: Re: DataGrid 2 swipe actions
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> On 8/26/20 9:36 PM, Andrew at MidWest Coast Media via use-livecode wrote:
>> The highlighted row when scrolling is a separate bug patched by Mike Wieder  
>> <> awaiting a GitHub 
>> merge, but turning on delayTouches makes the swipe animation jerky because 
>> the scroller has to decide if it?s scrolling first so the swipe controls 
>> aren?t very responsive. Would be curious if these two things can live in 
>> harmony. Any DG2 advice?
> That's actually Mike Kerner's fix. I just added a comment. Or two.
> Trying to prioritize getting it looked at.
> -- 
>  Mark Wieder

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