It is my understanding that each app has it’s own storage are and that this is 
sandboxed from other apps. That being said, there is obviously a way for an app 
to request permission from the iOS to access another app’s storage. I’m not 
sure if Livecode has that mechanism though. it’s probably some kind of Xcode 

Bob S

On Oct 10, 2020, at 8:42 AM, Graham Samuel via use-livecode 
<<>> wrote:

Is it possible to access (write to) the iOS “Files” folder from an iOS app? I 
see that there is no specialFolderPath entry for it, but it appears that some 
apps do allow saving to the folder, and one is then allowed to open such files 
with an appropriate app. Basically I am thinking of giving the user a chance to 
save a text file there for processing by other apps. The alternative would 
involve the internet with all the tedious privacy rules etc. and my particular 
app doesn’t have any other use for the internet at all.

Anyone tried it?


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