> On 19 Oct 2020, at 3:00 am, use-livecode-requ...@lists.runrev.com wrote:
> Dreamhost never did install LC ... but several of us have made it work.
> Just get the right server executable and permissions.
> I could never get it work account wide but it rocked for individual web
> site installation.

Ah. I got the distinct impression I would need a dedicated server account on 
DreamHost, not a shared environment, to instal LC Server; for this user’s site 
that would not be worth the cost.

To quote the reply from DreamHost:
Unfornately we no longer support LiveCode server on our servers at this
time. Looks like current install steps require root/admin access to some
apache config files, which is not something we allow on our managed
server types. 

You could install that on a Dedicated server, or DreamCompute instance if
you wish to, but that would be something you or your developers would
want to do using root on that service. 
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