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Dreamhost never did install LC ... but several of us have made it work.
Just get the right server executable and permissions.
I could never get it work account wide but it rocked for individual web
site installation.

Ah. I got the distinct impression I would need a dedicated server account on 
DreamHost, not a shared environment, to instal LC Server; for this user’s site 
that would not be worth the cost.

To quote the reply from DreamHost:
Unfornately we no longer support LiveCode server on our servers at this
time. Looks like current install steps require root/admin access to some
apache config files, which is not something we allow on our managed
server types.
You could install that on a Dedicated server, or DreamCompute instance if
you wish to, but that would be something you or your developers would
want to do using root on that service. -----

I'm not sure what that DH rep is going on about, because the same set of LC Lessons that describe how to set it up via Apache config also include one on setting it up via .htacces on shared hosts.

I can understand why they don't *support* LC, is in provide technical support for it, since LC isn't theirs to support. There are too many languages in this world to expect a vendor to train their staff in all of them.

But there's nothing special about setting up LC Server that's much different from setting up any scripting engine to work as a CGI under Apache. IMO a shared host wouldn't be worth using if they turned off CGI support altogether, and thankfully DH hasn't.

Many of us have been using LC Server on Dreamhost shared servers for many years. And just to make sure nothing has changed, I just did a fresh install into a new folder on one my servers - try this:

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